Ooshirakawa honson (UA51) Bus Stop
Uonuma City
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Around Ooshirakawa honson (UA51) Bus Stop
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Ohara Ski Resort
With a timing system set up, families to experts can race each other and compare results
Okutadami Recreation City Park Asakusadake Area
Activity area at the foot Mt.Asakusadake
Asakusadake Hot Spring
A relaxing bath surrounded by nature
Mt. Asakusadake Hiking' Mujinazawa' Trailhead
Mt. Sumondake
A rich array of alpine plants of Mt. Sumondake
Niigata Prefectural Asakusa Sanroku Eco Museum
Observe and learn about the rich surrounding natural environment.
Mt .Sumondake Hiking' Futakuchi' Trailhead
JR Okutadami Line Oshirakawa Station
Irihirose Post Office
Japan Agricultural Co-operatives Kitauonuma-Irihirose Branch