Shioritoge choujo (UG14) Bus Stop
Uonuma City
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Izumiya Ryokan
B&B Avg.Price 7,500-10,650
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Around Shioritoge choujo (UG14) Bus Stop
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Mt. Echigo komagatake Hiking ' Shioritouge' Trailhead
Shioritoge Pass
Winding road with good outlook, especially in autumn.
Ginzandaira Hot Spring
Enjoy the majestic figure of Mt. Komagatake from the open-air bath
Mt .Echigo komagatake Hiking ' Komanoyu' Trailhead
Komanoyu Hot Spring
Secret hot spring inn of lamps
Ginzandaira Highland
Surrounded by majestic mountains
Ginzandaira Highland Camping
Refreshing camp, with the hot springs in the wilderness
Mt. Naka Arasawa Perpetual Snow
Perpetual snow and Alpine plants
Ginzandaira Funatsukiba (UD14, UG18) Bus Stop
Hainomata (UG12) Bus Stop