Yumoto Yakushi-Do
Yuzawa Town
If you climb dozens of stone steps, you will find the precincts and a stone monument. There is a trailhead to Omine Hyakuban Kannon.
These hotels are close by
B&B Avg.Price 13,500-31,320
Yumototyouboukaku Yuimakura
B&B Avg.Price 20,500-35,500
Lodge Masaemon
B&B Avg.Price 6,500-7,500
Yuzawa Toei Hotel
B&B Avg.Price 8,000-15,000
Yuzawa Ski House
B&B Avg.Price 4,500-6,600
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Around Yumoto Yakushi-Do
How go get to Yumoto Yakushi-Do
Closest Bus Stop
約2km from Yuzawa Station mae (YS02, etc.) Bus Stop
These facilities are close by
Hot Spring ' Yama No Yu'
This onsen, using natural spring water was where Yasunari Kawabata bathed
Suwa Shrine Osugi (Old Japanese Cedar)
The large Japanese cedar where Komako sat to cool off
SPA GALA hot spring
Hot Spring ' Yuzawa Kenkou Land'
Good for health
Hot Spring ' Komako No Yu'
A public bath named after Komako from the novel
Yuzawa Kogen Ski Resort
Snow Resort where the family can fully enjoy themselves
JR Gala Yuzawa Station
(Only winter) Gala Yukawa Ski Resort Bus Stop
Yunosawa iriguchi (MY07) Bus Stop