Kenshin no Sakasa Zakura(Cherry blossom)
Minakami Town
450 year old cherry blossom. Natural monument of Gunma prefecture
"In the spring of 1552, en route to Eastern Japan, here Kenshin Uesugi took a short rest and paid a visit to Hie Shrine, associated with Norimasa Uesugi.
There, he placed a cherry tree branch he had brought from Kasugayama into the ground upside down and predicted the course of the war based on whether it budded or not. A few years later it blossomed, and so is called the Cherry Tree of Bounty.
The remnants of Hie Shrine still remain next to Kenshin's upside down cherry trees."
The suggested season is spring.
Address Aimata, Minakami-machi, Tone district, Gunma prefecture
Telephone 0278-62-0401
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Around Kenshin no Sakasa Zakura(Cherry blossom)
How go get to Kenshin no Sakasa Zakura(Cherry blossom)
Get on buses from Jomokogen Station to the closest bus stop about 20 minutes away
Closest Bus Stop
0km from Sakazakura (JS09) Bus Stop
Car Access
From Tokyo20 minutes from Tsukiyono IC on R17
From Niigata20 minutes from Tsukiyono IC on R17
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