Noukyou mae (YT17, YD20) Bus Stop
Yuzawa Town
These hotels are close by
Takanoya Hote
B&B Avg.Price 7,780-9,720
Naspa New Otani
B&B Avg.Price 18,000
Sakura Tei
B&B Avg.Price 10,000-30,000
Hatago Isen
B&B Avg.Price 16,000-30,000
Yuzawa Grand Hotel
B&B Avg.Price 12,000-25,000
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Around Noukyou mae (YT17, YD20) Bus Stop
These facilities are close by
Niouzou' in Zuishoan Temple
The two Deva kings statue carved by Uncho Ishikawa
Yuzawa Nakazato Snow Resort
The kids will be happy and the adults will have fun
Forest Adventure
Fun for kids and adults alike
Yuzawa Fishing Park
Enjoy easy river fishing
Hot Spring ' Iwa No Yu'
Close and convenient after a day of leisure
Tsuchitaru Police Box
(Only winter) Yuzawanakazato Ski Resort Bus Stop
Nakasato ekikado (YD21, YT18) Bus Stop
JR Echigo-Nakazato Station
(Only winter) Angel Grandia Echigonakazato Bus Stop