Snow Country Tourism Zone Information Center
Yuzawa Town
We are here to support you during your stay in our unique Snow Country and make sure you make the most of your time here.
The Snow Country Tourism Zone is made up of 7 cities, towns and villages around Echigo-Yuzawa. It is well known for the production of Japan's best koshihikari rice, and sake, as well as for the large number of ski resorts. However these are not the region's only attractions.
Visiting media from overseas have been amazed - "Nowhere else in the world can you see this kind of region where so many people live in such deep snow." With some of the deepest snow in the world, you might wonder how on earth their ancestors managed to survive the long winter. This is the wisdom that is hidden in Snow Country.
The food culture is one of the examples of this wisdom. Techniques such as fermenting, drying, and pickling, produce food that last through the winter, and preparation for the hibernation begin again as soon as the first shoots of mountain vegetables appear in spring. This fascinating food culture is found only here in Snow Country.
There are plenty more attractions as well, from Jomon period culture with its flame shaped pottery, a festival of contemporary art with installations across the countryside, and long trail hiking along the mountain ranges to name but a few.

Spending time in Snow Country is a fascinating experience. Snow Country Tourism Zone Information Center can look after every aspect of your itinerary, from accommodation to activities.

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