Mt. Matsude
Yuzawa Town
The summit in the middle of Tairappyo Mountain trekking
"Relay point for Tairapyou-yama's mountain climbing.
There is no particular marker for the summit point, only a triangulation point.
Elevation: 1613 meters
Suggest route containing Mt. Matsude
Mt. TairappyoYuzawa Town
Mt. Tairappyō is situated on the western edge of the Mt Tanigawa range and has stunning views. Ea...
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Naeba Prince Hotel
B&B Avg.Price 5,500-13,700
Naeba Pension Heidi
B&B Avg.Price 6,000-8,500
B&B Avg.Price 6,000-8,000
Hotel Effe
B&B Avg.Price 5,250-7,350
The Kinta Naeba
B&B Avg.Price 8,800-11,000
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Around Mt. Matsude
These facilities are close by
Yamadorihara Park
Park rich in nature
Okawa Fishing Park
A different fishing ark that uses the main Okawa river
Mt. Tairappyo
One of Japan's 100 most famous mountains for flowers
Naeba Independence Board Walk
The longest boardwalk in Japan named 'Independence Boardwalk'
White Arum Fields(Asagai)
The 1260 square meter area is full of Asian skunk cabbage.
Mt. Tairappyo Trailhead Parking
Tairappyo Tozanguchi (YN23) Bus Stop
Yamadorihara (YN21) Bus Stop
Motohashi (YN22) Bus Stop
Naeba Ski Resort (YN24) Bus Stop