Historical monument
A place to pray for the peace and security of a nation, founded Sakanoue no Tamuramaro 
Fukoji Temple , Urasa Bishamondo
Workshops dotted around a peaceful village
Takumi no sato' Cultural Workshop Hamlet
A hidden power spot that is effective for the eyes
Midamafudouson Temple
Sculptures by
Eirinji Temple
Famous ceiling carving by
Saifukuji Temple, Kaisando
Zen temple at the foot of Mt. Kinjo
Untoan Temple
Taineiji Temple
A mountain temple well known as 'Hydrangea Temple' and know for the fireflys flitting in July
'Tonenbo' Historical Residence
Visitor Center in Akiyamago village
Niouzou' in Zuishoan Temple
The two Deva kings statue carved by Uncho Ishikawa
Rest Stop 'Yaze shinsui Park'
A firefly festival is held here early summer every year
Matuo Shrine
The oldest building of its kind in the prefecture.
Jinguji Temple
Ancient temple and gate dedicated to Kannon.
Megurotei (Cultual Heritage Residence)
House of a wealthy farmer was built in 1797. An important national cultural property
Hakkaisanson Shrine
Has been worshiped by people as a sacred mountain of faith
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Historical monument
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