Great number of different collections recount the deep history of Tokamachi.
Tokamachi City Museum
A researcher with a doctorate will be your guide .
Kyororo-Echigo Matsunoyama Museum of Natural Science
Immerse yourself in the charm of Tokamachi at this tourist facility.
Kinare - Echigo-Tsumari Exchange Center
Sculptures by
Eirinji Temple
Famous ceiling carving by
Saifukuji Temple, Kaisando
Feel the culture of Snow Country
The ‘Snow Country’ Museum
Get a feel for prize winning writer Yasunari Kawabata
‘Kasumi Room’ literature reference room
'Tonenbo' Historical Residence
Visitor Center in Akiyamago village
Ten-ichi Museum
Exhibit art items collected by Mr Yabuki from Ginza-Tenichi
Rest Stop 'Mizukikoukan'
You can observe the habitat and ecosystem of the Tone River
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