Sports facility
One of the largest ropeways in the world - holding a massive 166 people
Yuzawa Highlands Park
Joetsu Kokusai Play Land
One of the top class water adventure parks
Nakasato Kiyotsu Ski Resort
Slopes for everyone from beginners to advanced skiers.
Matsudai Family Ski Resort
Ski resort where the whole family can have fun.
Matsunoyama Hot Spring Ski Resort
Ski resort offering a very warm welcome
Okutadami Maruyama Ski Resort
The ski resort is closed mid-winter because of too much snow
New Greenpia Tsunan
All-season resort spreading across the plateau.
Matsudai Shibatoge Hot Spring ' Unkai'
Superb view from the onsen overlooking the sea of ​​clouds and surrounding mountains
Yuzawa Chuo Park
Support for a wide range of leisure & sports
Naeba Independence Board Walk
The longest boardwalk in Japan named 'Independence Boardwalk'
Yuzawa Fishing Park
Enjoy easy river fishing
Higashiyama Fishing Park
Easy fishing river close to Yuzawa IC
Okawa Fishing Park
A different fishing ark that uses the main Okawa river
Forest Adventure
Fun for kids and adults alike
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Sports facility
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