Treasure house of alpine plants in Summer, You can enjoy the finest powder snow in wnter
Mt. Tanigawadake Tenjindaira
The only route to go Oze national park by steamboat from Niigata
Oze National Park
One of the big 3 rock faces in Japan which you can see in everyday wear
Ichinokurasawa Gorge
One of the most famous of the 100 mountains in Japan with the outstanding nature
Mt. Tanigawadake
One of the largest ropeways in the world - holding a massive 166 people
Yuzawa Highlands Park
Kitano Tenmangu Hot Spring
Home territory of 'Kitano Tenmangu' - God of learning
Suwakyo Gorge, Minakami Seiryu Park
Stroll slowly along the Tone river following the 'tanka' inscriptions of the poet
Rest Stop 'Yaze shinsui Park'
A firefly festival is held here early summer every year
New Greenpia Tsunan
All-season resort spreading across the plateau.
Yuzawa Chuo Park
Support for a wide range of leisure & sports
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