Yuzawa Town Tourist Spot・Facilities
Snow Resort where the family can fully enjoy themselves
Yuzawa Kogen Ski Resort
The kids will be happy and the adults will have fun
Yuzawa Nakazato Snow Resort
A ski resort that has its own bullet train station
The ski resort that reminds you of a resort in Europe
Naeba Ski Resort Tashiro Area
A fantastic run 4 kms in length
Naeba Ski Resort
Wide renge of skier and snowboarder can enjoy this marvelous ski resort
Naeba Ski Resort Kagura&Mitsumata Area
Enjoy a winter theme park - satisfaction guaranteed.
NASPA Ski Garden
Number one recommeneded spot in Yuzawa.
Trekking Yuzawa I
Time required 5hour20minute
A mountain that acts as a gateway to Mt. Tanigawa.
Mt. Iijisan 'Iwappara Route'
Time required 3hour30minute
Recommended for beginner's due to the short distance to the summit.
Mt. Mikunisan
Time required 2hour50minute
Treasure house of many kinds of alpine plants.
Mt. Tairappyo
Time required 6hour
One Hundred 'Kannon' buddha route. Also the object of local promotion.
Mt. Akibasan
Time required 1hour20minute
Oriental Matterhorn
Mt. Daigenta
Time required 4hour40minute
Popular mountain chosen as one of the "One Hundred Mountains of Japan"
Mt. Naeba 'Haraigawa Route'
Time required 8hour10minute
1 night 2-day course with views of the stars of the sky
Mt. Naeba 'Akayu Route'
Time required 12hour40minute
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