Programs to Help You
Return to Your True Self

Our programs are structured in a way to enable participants to get away from the pressures of daily life and to rediscover their true selves, The program is based on the steps of “orientation”, “physical movement,” and “solo time”. “Orientation" is a time to discover the questions to ask ourselves. “Physical movement” encourages a shift from the thinking mode to the sensing mode. Then in “solo time” participants face themselves, and take the time to have an inner conversation. The true worth of a Yukiguni Retreat is the experience of "rebirth”, which is essentially a different experience from a typical trip you take to refresh yourself. During the program, the retreat counselor will be with the participants and guide them through the challenging experience of facing themselves.


These are the kinds of people whose participation we are looking forward to

  • Those who would like to look inside their hearts and explore themselves deeply.
  • Those who want to experience a bond with local people and feel the warmth of being part of a community.
  • Those who want to experience the unique culture and traditions of the region.
  • Those who are interested in recycling-oriented lifestyles and living in harmony with nature.
  • Those who want to return to their daily lives with a refreshed and renewed spirit.

Here are some comments from those who have already participated in the Yukiguni Retreat programs

I became enabled to feel good about myself as I am, including my self-awareness and sensitivity, rather than pushing myself to become a well-rounded person.

Rather than being on the move all the time, it became important to have time to sleep and time to rest, just like the fields under a blanket of snow.

I was able to feel deeply as an experience that nature is something that I can accept and embrace, and that can accept and embrace me. That nothing can replace what is.

By focusing not just on sightseeing but also on history, culture, and daily life, and not only on the bright side but also the shadows, I felt a sense of wholeness and deep connection.

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About the Retreat Counselors

The Yukiguni Retreat is one of the few retreats in Japan where retreat counselors, who have learned coaching skills through our training program, always participate in the retreats. Retreat counselors play the important role of "listening" during the program. The counselors create a safe space allowing participants to face themselves, while giving them support.


About the Retreat Accommodation

Retreat lodges are accommodation facilities run and staffed by people who have undergone the Snow Country Tourism Zone retreat training and understand the purpose of the retreats. This ensures that the flow of the retreat continues even when participants return to their lodgings after their daytime activities.