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Undiscovered Japan – A new brand of travel products brought to you by 13 tourism areas from across Japan


Along the whole length of Japan there is a wide variety of nature and climates.Many layers of culture are interwoven into its long history. Bounty from the mountains and from the sea, and cuisine created from deep knowledge. There is a Japan that you are yet to discover.

Nature is a plaything and a place of adventure. Ancient routes and shrines summon deep spirituality. Hidden hamlets conceal their own unique culture.

Here you can interact with the local inhabitants. There are journeys in Japan that you are yet to discover.

We will provide an environment in which you can enjoy Japan in full confidence, with accommodation programs that distill the charm of the region, at internationally accepted quality standards. This is a Japan chosen for discerning travelers. Travel concierges from each of these twelve special areas are waiting to welcome you.

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The “Undiscovered Japan” recommended by Snow Country Tourism.



Undiscovered Life

The Snow Country Tourism Zone is on the 37 parallel north of latitude, along with San Francisco, Athens and Lisbon. However, in spite of this, every year it receives over 3 meters of snow and spends half the year covered in snow. Furthermore, it is said that 8,000 years ago snow was falling in this region. How did people in those times survive through such a winter? This was the unique knowledge of  Snow Country. And it is still alive today. An Undiscovered Life can be found here in Snow Country.



Undiscovered Culture

In the Snow Country Tourism Zone you can find many remains from the Jomon Period. Pottery from this period is said to be the oldest in the world, and among these the flame-shaped pots with their intricate decoration were made 4,500 years ago only in and around the Snow Country Tourism Zone. There were a large number of people living in this area from that time, and it is thought that they developed a high level of culture. Surprisingly the same large quantities of snow that we are familiar with these days was also falling back then. You can go to a museum and see as well as touch this pottery from the long ago Jomon Period.



Undiscovered Explore

The Snow Country Tourism Zone has over 40 ski resorts so it is a popular destination for foreign visitors. However there is more to winter than just skiing and snowboarding. With over 3 meters of snow on the ground there are many great places to enjoy snowshoe trekking. The scenery all around you is one of the unique charms of Snow Country. One of the characteristics of the snow in this area is the high moisture content, which makes it easy to stick together, and produces plump, rounded shapes everywhere that are a special Undiscovered scenery found only here.



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