Yukishita Ninjin (carrots under the snow)
Believe it or not, farmers in Tsunan town forgot to harvest one Fall. After snow melted, they harvested carrots, which survived through the winter, and discovered that carrots were sweeter and had less carrot aftertaste. This reputation spread among local farmers, and now this cultivation method is used in all parts of the country. By staying under the snow throughout the winter, the component for sweetness and umami (flavor), which are amino acids such as asparagine acid, glycine and serine, increases. And the component for aroma, caryophyllene also increases. These changes are the secret for delicious carrots that survived winter under the snow. Since the temperature under the snow constantly stays at 0℃, carrots would not get frozen. Furthermore, carrots with high water content remain wet, which produce a “fresh, sweet, good aroma, and a crunchy texture”. However, these carrots spoil faster than regular carrots, and therefore are available in the market for a short period of time.

Shipping period: From March to April
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