Echigo Jofu
The weaving of Echigo Jofu requires an uncanny degree of patience. There are 50 stages in its production. The raw material is refined hemp fibre, which is split into thin strands with nails and twisted together to make yarn. The number and length of the threads are then decided according to the design, and the threads are patterned to create the "Kasuri pattern", which is then woven.

It takes two to three months to weave one piece of cloth (about 12 metres). The cloth is then washed in water and exposed to the snow before being made into a finished product. This process, called "Yuki-sarashi", is unique to Echigo Jofu, which uses plant fibre yarns. This process has a natural bleaching effect and is a special feature that heralds spring in YUKIGUNI.

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Echigo Jofu Represents The Textile Culture Of The Snow Country.
Address 000-00 Uonuma City, Niigata
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