Dragondola Sightseeing “The beginning of Spring”
2020/4/25~5/31 Business Period April 25 ~ May 31, 2020 Yuzawa Town
Spring is coming…!
The leaves grow green, and soft breeze touches your face.
It’s spring, but dragondola takes you to the mountain top covered with snow!

Naeba prince hotel URL in English

Operating Hours
9:00A.M. ~ 3:00P.M. (Final descent 4:00P.M.)
*Boarding time 25 minutes (one-way / 5,481m length)

Adult 2,200yen
Child 1,100yen
Date 2020/4/25~5/31 Business Period April 25 ~ May 31, 2020
Telephone 025-789-4117 
URL h t t p : / / p r i n c e h o t e l s . c o . j p / s k i / n a e b a / d r a g o n d o l a / s p r i n g /
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