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Electric Power Museum 'OKKY'
Japan's largest Pumped-storage hydroelectricity power plant
Naeba Ski Resort Tashiro Area
The ski resort that reminds you of a resort in Europe
Hot Spring ' Shukuba No Yu'
Equipped with bubble bath, sauna and cafeteria
"Gallery of Pictures for Children ' Warabe no Uta'"
The achievements and accomplishments of Shiro Kawakami
White Arum Fields(Asagai)
The 1260 square meter area is full of Asian skunk cabbage.
Kaikake Hot Spring
700 years of history of the Kamakura period. Well known as mystery spring source with curative effects for eyes
Okawa Fishing Park
A different fishing ark that uses the main Okawa river
Futaitashiro Ski Resort (YN19) Bus Stop
Kaikake Hot Spring (YN18) Bus Stop
Yamadorihara (YN21) Bus Stop