Daini-Lift parking
Yuzawa Town
The starting and ending points of Mount Naeba's rock climbing "Haraegawa Course" and the starting point of the "Akayu Route".
Suggest route containing Daini-Lift parking
These hotels are close by
B&B Avg.Price 11,000-13,500
Mitsumata Lodge
B&B Avg.Price 5,400-6,800
Naeba Prince Hotel
B&B Avg.Price 5,500-13,700
Naspa New Otani
B&B Avg.Price 14,000-25,500
Hotel Effe
B&B Avg.Price 5,250-7,350
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Around Daini-Lift parking
These facilities are close by
Kaikake Hot Spring
700 years of history of the Kamakura period. Well known as mystery spring source with curative effects for eyes
Ime Shrine
Guardian god of rice cultivation are enshrined on the summit of Mt. Naeba
Mt Naeba Summit
Spectacular 360-degree panorama
Electric Power Museum 'OKKY'
Japan's largest Pumped-storage hydroelectricity power plant
Naeba Ski Resort Kagura&Mitsumata Area
Wide renge of skier and snowboarder can enjoy this marvelous ski resort
Naeba Ski Resort Tashiro Area
The ski resort that reminds you of a resort in Europe
Mt. Naeba Activity & Community Center
Kaikake Hot Spring (YN18) Bus Stop
Kaguramitsumata Ski Resort mae (YN17) Bus Stop