Okutadami Recreation City Park Asakusadake Area
Uonuma City
Activity area at the foot Mt.Asakusadake
This area is planned as a leisure base for the Asakusadake foothills. It is divided into the Nezumochidaira zone on the northeast face of Mt. Asakusadake and the Gomisawa zone near the Aburumagawa Dam. Camping grounds, lawn spaces, tennis courts and spaces for water sports and bathing are provided. It is well known as a family travel hotspot with the mountains and dam reservoir nearby, and as gateway to the region.
The suggested season is summer.
Address 887 Oshirakawa, Uonuma city, Niigata prefecture
Telephone 025-792-7300
Price Free of charge
Mail i n f o - k a n k o @ p u b . c i t y . u o n u m a . n i i g a t a . j p
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Around Okutadami Recreation City Park Asakusadake Area
How go get to Okutadami Recreation City Park Asakusadake Area
Take Joetsu Line from Echigoyuzawa Station, and get off at Koide Station. Change Oshirakawa Line buses to Oshirakawa-Motomura. About 50 minutes from there.
Closest Bus Stop
10km from Ooshirakawa honson (UA51) Bus Stop
Car Access
From Tokyo50 minutes from Koide IC on R17 & R252
From Niigata50 minutes from Horinouchi IC on R17 & R252
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Mt. Asakusadake Hiking' Nezumochidaira' Trailhead
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Mt. Asakusadake
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Niigata Prefectural Asakusa Sanroku Eco Museum
Observe and learn about the rich surrounding natural environment.
JR Okutadami Line Oshirakawa Station