Kuroiwa Gorge
Minakami Town
Beautiful valley running alongside about 1km of Akaya River
The Akaya River and the beautiful valley that extends for approximately one kilometer. Kuroiwahakkei (the eight sights of Kuroiwa) gets its name from the eight scenic spots located within, including Ogiwa and Kinukake no Matsu. From the fresh greenery in spring, to the spray of water that splashes onto strange shaped rocks and cools you off in summer, to fall, dyed into a rainbow of beautiful colors, to winter, dusted with snow, each season captivates the hearts of those who visit.
Address Tsukiyono, Minakami-machi, Tone district, Gunma prefecture
Telephone 0278-62-0401
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Around Kuroiwa Gorge
How go get to Kuroiwa Gorge
Get on buses from Jomokogen Station to the closest bus stop about 5 minutes away
Closest Bus Stop
0km from Kuroiwahakkei (JS29) Bus Stop
Car Access
From Tokyo15 minutes from Tsukiyono IC on R17 and prefectural road 346
From Niigata15 minutes from Tsukiyono IC on R17 and prefectural road 346
These facilities are close by
Nagurumi Casle Ruins
A mountain castle with links to the siege of Hojo
Tsukiyono Bidoro Park(Glass Museum&Workshop)
Workshops dotted around a peaceful village
Tsukiyono Post Office
Tsukiyono Polic Box
Tone Shinyo Bank Tsukiyono Branch
JA Tone-Numata Tsukiyono Branch
Takeuchi Hospital
Kamigawara (JS39) Bus Stop
Gunma Bank Tsukiyono Branch
Gokan-Ekimae Post Office (facile)