Lake Dougen
Minakami Town
Dogen Lake was created by the construction of Suda dam
Japan's first completely underground electric power plant at an artificial lake formed by Sudagai Dam. Lake Dogen takes its name from the waterfall that pours into it, Dogen Falls. In the summer it is a lively spot for canoe tours and more.
Address Fujiwara, Minakami-machi, Tone district, Gunma prefecture
Telephone 0278-62-0401
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Chalet la Neige
B&B Avg.Price 11,500-12,500
B&B Avg.Price 17,280-41,040
Ryokan Tanigawa
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Around Lake Dougen
How go get to Lake Dougen
Get on buses via Minakami Station from Jomokogen Station to the closest bus stop about 60 minutes away
Closest Bus Stop
Dougenko Hot Spring mae (JT75) Bus Stop
Car Access
From Tokyo80 minutes from Minakami IC on R291 & R63
From Niigata80 minutes from Minakami IC on R291 & R63
These facilities are close by
Minakami Fujiwara Ski Resort
Satisfying skiing and snowboarding with a Safty piste for children
Minakami Highlands Ski Resort
The Snow Activity Land at Minakami Kogen is full of fun
Minakami Highland Golf Course
54 holes in the2,000,000 square meter grounds
Uenohara Hot Spring
The very high PH9.1 alkaline water has beautifying effects on the skin
Lake Naramata
An artificial lake with the third highest rock-fill style dam in Japan
Takaragawa Hot Spring
Large open-air bath along the river side with rich amout of hot spring water
Fujiwara Ski Resort iriguchi (JT71) Bus Stop
Akegawa (JT69) Bus Stop
Yunokoya Hot Spring Bus Stop
Takaragawa Hot Spring (JT66) Bus Stop