Yuzawa Town
The achievements and accomplishments of Shiro Kawakami
The children's artist Shiro Kawakami, a native of Niigata prefecture, spent his last years in Yuzawa. To celebrate his works and achievements Yuzawa has opened the "Echigo-Yuzawa National Children's Picture Exhibit". This exhibit displays a selection (about 30) of these works .
Address 537(inside Hot Spring ' Shukuba No Yu') Mikuni, Yuzawa-machi, Minamiuonuma, Niigata prefecture
Telephone 025-789-5855
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These hotels are close by
Naspa New Otani
B&B Avg.Price 18,000
Sakura Tei
B&B Avg.Price 10,000-30,000
Yuzawa Grand Hotel
B&B Avg.Price 12,000-25,000
Hatago Isen
B&B Avg.Price 16,000-30,000
B&B Avg.Price 12,000-42,000
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How go get to
Get on Naeba Prince Hotel Line buses from Echigo Yuzawa Station.
Closest Bus Stop
350m from Futaitashiro Ski Resort (YN19) Bus Stop
Car Access
From Tokyo30 minutes from Yuzawa IC
From Niigata30 minutes from Yuzawa IC
These facilities are close by
Hot Spring ' Shukuba No Yu'
Equipped with bubble bath, sauna
Naeba Ski Resort Tashiro Area
The ski resort that reminds you of a resort in Europe
Electric Power Museum 'OKKY'
Japan's largest Pumped-storage hydroelectricity power plant
Okawa Fishing Park
A different fishing ark that uses the main Okawa river
Yamadorihara Park
Park rich in nature
White Arum Fields(Asakai)
The 1260 square meter area is full of Asian skunk cabbage.
Yamadorihara (YN21) Bus Stop
Mt. Tairappyo Trailhead Parking
Motohashi (YN22) Bus Stop
Kaikake Hot Spring (YN18) Bus Stop